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Sending us Work

Toll Priority Courier Service
Satchels or bags can be ordered here, they are convenient, traceable and fast. Cases will be collected from your practice.

Local Pickup Service (Melbourne metro area only)
Please phone our customer service team to organise pick up from your practice.



Digital Workflow
Take advantage of our innovative digital production workflow solutions.




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Operating Hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST

Courier Address13 Harper Street
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Postal Address P.O. Box 18109
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Things worth Knowing

Shade taking
We use a variety systems and can match almost all shades requested.

For all cases, especially cases that have difficult shades, it is encouraged that photos are added to the job to create a more accurate guide to your patient’s requirements. We recommend using the Vita Classical shade guide and VITA Tooth-guide 3D MASTER ® shade guide to match shades. If you are unsure of which shade to use we do custom shade matching at our Melbourne laboratory for an added charge.

Please send all photos to –

Special Aesthetic Requirements

If a case has specific aesthetic requirements or individual characterisation please advise us and provide us with images such as crown shapes, diastemas and composite mock-ups. When taking photos ensure the shade tab is clearly visible for colour verification.

Bite Registration

It is important to provide silicone bite registrations with ‘Triple tray’ impression techniques or multiple crowns in one impression.  This minimises chairside time at the insertion appointment.

Abutment Details

When ordering ensure you provide us with the abutment shade of the prepared tooth as this significantly affects the aesthetics of the restoration.