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Modeless restorations


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Evolve your practice with Andent and tap into unrivalled technology and over a decade’s worth of experience. Bringing a digital workflow and modeless restorations into your practice means being able to offer faster turnaround times, more precise results, and most importantly, less chair time and greater overall comfort for your patients.

Our modeless range offers you a fast 4 day in-lab turnaround* available in 4 superior materials - 100% Monolithic Zirconia, UTZirc 100%, IPS e.max® and VITA ENAMIC®

Key characteristics

  • 100% Monolithic Zirconia:
    “Where functionality and strength are paramount”
  • UTZirc 100%:
    “Offering a unique combination of translucency and strength”
  • IPS e.max® CAD:
    “All ceramic, all you need”
    “Hybrid ceramic, which combines positive characteristics of ceramics and composites” 

* For single unit crowns only

Aesthetics Refer to chosen material
Strength Refer to chosen material
In lab time 4 in lab days*
Process Refer to chosen material
Occlusal Clearance Refer to chosen material