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Digital Workflow

At Andent we embrace the future. We are digital ready.

Digital Workflow solutions can provide your practice with consistent, superior results through optimised workflow. At Andent our full digital workflow solution means faster turnaround and more precise results with minimised chair time, greater accuracy, guaranteed increased patient satisfaction.

Our Digital Workflow Solutions

      • 100% Australian made product with the best global technology
      • Support all leading intraoral scanners
      • We use world leading CAD software
      • Our state of the art CAM production machines give precision results
      • Quality assurance using precise 3D resin printed models.

Connect with us today


Click here for 3Shape TRIOS®


Register for a 3Shape communicate account at

  1. 1. Once registered log into your 3Shape communicate account
    2. Click on connections icon
    3. Press the add connections button
    4. Fill in and click find button
    5. Under result click on Andent
    6. Accept Data Confidentiality Agreement and click the Connect button
    7. Once Andent approves your connection request, its status changes from "Waiting for approval" to "Active" on the Connected Sites page
    8. You can now refresh your Trios scanners Lab connections to include Andent.

Click here for iTero™

  1. A connection between your iTero intraoral scanner account and Andent must be established before you can send the scans to us.

    Please contact your scanner provider or local AlignTech/Invisalign representative and request this link.  

    Once this connection is created, please follow the general steps below to send iTero scans (restorative work only):

    1.    Fill out the iTero lab form (Rx). In the “Ship To” field, select Andent
    2.    Perform scanning on your iTero machine
    3.    Review scan
    4.    Send

Click here for Sirona


Register for as a CEREC Connect Dentist at

  1. 1. Once registered, on your CEREC acquisition unit simply scan in the connect software
    2. Upload your case to the portal
  2. 3. Identify ANDENT as your preferred laboratory and forward the Digital impression, within minutes we can confirm the case is accepted.

Click here for Carestream

  1. 1. In CS Imaging, select the file & click the CS Connect button.

    2. When logged in, the files will be uploaded automatically.

    3. Select the lab from the drop down menu. If you are not connected to us select ‘Create a new partner’ and send to
    (An invitation MUST be sent AND ACCEPTED before a case can be sent to a lab.)

    4. Fill out the comments or web form and select the submit (up arrow) icon.

    5. The files (STL & DCM) will be transferred. DO NOT turn off the computer until the files are transferred.

    6. When the lab downloads the files, status will change to ‘Consulted’.

Click here for all other scanners:

  1. We accept digital impression from any intraoral scanning system capable of producing 3D images in STL (Stereolithography) file format. Major scanner brands utilising this format are Planmeca (E4D) Planscan™, 3M™ True Definition Scan, Medit i500 and more. If you are unsure whether your scanner can produce STL files, please contact your scanner provider or manufacturer for clarification.

  2. Sending digital Impression through Dropbox.
  3. Set up a shared folder on

  4. 1. Sign in to, and click on Share a folder... at the top of the window.
    2. Choose I’d like to create and share a new folder, click Next, and enter a name for your shared folder.
    3. Click Next, and enter to invite Andent to share the folder.
    4. Add a personal message if you’d like, and click Share folder.